The U.S. is falling behind in refugee resettlements

The Pew Research Center has a new report showing that the U.S. is falling far behind in refugee resettlements.  With President Trump setting a new ceiling on refugee resettlements for the coming year at 45,000 the U.S. fall behind its usually number of resettlements.  This is all happening in the midst of the worst refugee crisis since WWII.  Historically the U.S. resettles more refugees when the demand for resettlement increases.  This was the case during the last few years of the Obama administration but the Trump administration has almost completely shut the door.

The chart below shows that the U.S. has resettled around 1%-.06% of refugees each year. This year the U.S. will resettle around only .02% of refugees.  You can see that when the demand for resettlement increases the U.S. allows more resettlement except for 2017.

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 12.12.14 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 12.12.29 PM

A truly great nation would not shut its doors to the most vulnerable people in the world


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