Donald Trump: Authoritarian or just dumb and lazy?

There are many theories on what motivates Donald trump.  One is that he is, in his heart if not in practice, and authoritarian.  There is some evidence to support this theory, specifically his disdain for institutional constraints, his advocacy for violence, and his desire to use the power of his office to persecute his political […]

13 Ways of Understanding Trump

Donald Trump can be hard to figure out.  Because of his newness to politics and his seemingly erratic behavior it’s difficult to understand sometimes what motivates him  (assuming he has motivations aside from just reacting to various stimuli like a human goldfish).  To clear things up a bit I have surveyed the various attempts to […]

Cruelty in Action

According to the New York Times the Trump Administration is planning on setting the cap on refugee admissions into the U.S. at 45,000 for next year.  This, as the article points out, would be the lowest amount of refugees admitted into the U.S. since the United States Refugee Act was passed in 1980 allowing the […]

Not 2 Legit 2 Quit

Shortly after Donald Trump’s election, John Lewis the Civil Rights hero and Congressman from Georgia remarked that “I don’t see this President-elect as a legitimate President.”  His comment was mostly due to the notion that Russian interference threw the election to Trump.  I had my own take on Trump’s (ill)legitimacy right after the election here, […]